For Students

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Working in Aerosol Physics is a great way to learn about research methods and scientific thinking, and to apply knowledge from physics lectures to the real world.


Tampere University currently offers two aerosol physics courses:

FYS-3106 Aerosol Physics

FYS-3206 Aerosol Measurement Techniques


All students, from their 1st year to their nth year are welcome to contact our lab for job positions, or to conduct a thesis (bachelor’s or master’s) related to aerosol physics. Depending on your research topic, most of your time may be spent on measurement campaigns, working in the lab, writing code or modelling. Although we value a background in physics, we also look for skills in other areas, such as electronics, programming, CAD, energy technology, etc. A lot of the work we do is very hands-on, so we hope you don’t mind getting your hands dirty!

Summer jobs

Summer job openings are posted on the main university website in the spring, usually around February. Most of our current doctoral students began their careers here!

Note that we are listed together with the other Physics groups, but you can specify in your application that you are interested in aerosol physics.


If you already have an aerosol physics -related question in mind, great! Can’t wait to hear from you! For those of you looking for inspiration, here are some recent publications from our students:

  • Number concentration of non-volatile aerosol particles in a busy street canyon, M.Sc. Henna Lintusaari
  • Fiber functionalization using nanoparticles in an aerosol process, M.Sc. Markus Nikka
  • The effect of fuel on the physical and chemical characteristics of particle emissions from marine engine, M.Sc. Niina Kuittinen
  • Improving nanoparticle charging efficiency by water condensational growth, M.Sc. Joni Kalliokoski

To gain enough general knowledge of aerosols to effectively write a thesis, a good place to start is to take the Aerosol Physics course (organized each fall).