Jyrki M. Mäkelä

Head of the Physics Unit
(Faculty) Member of Aerosol Physics Laboratory
Group Leader of Aerosol Synthesis

Short CV

Dr. Jyrki M. Mäkelä a professor at TAU’s Physics Unit, Aerosol Physics Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki way back in 1992, after which he worked in the Aerosol Physics Group at the University of Helsinki on gas irradiation, electrical phenomena in aerosols, nanoparticle measurement technology, and nanoparticle formation in the atmosphere. He spent his postdoc year of 1993 in Japan’s Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI). From 1994 to 2000, he participated in the construction of the Hyytiälä SMEAR 2 atmospheric measurement station.

In 2000, he eventually moved to Tampere University of Technology as a Lecturer in Physics, and since then has led a research group at TAU’s/TUT’s Aerosol Physics Laboratory focusing on the production of nanoparticles and the preparation of functional coatings using aerosol synthesis methods. He received a professorship in physics at TUT in 2010. During 2014-2018  he was the head of the Department of Physics at TUT and from beginning of 2019 he has been the head of the Physics Laboratory/Physics Unit at Tampere University.

He gives lectures on the lecture courses:

  • FYS-1340 Termofysiikka
  • FYS-1346 Thermal Physics and
  • FYS-1470 Structure of Matter.

Mission statement:  Key research question is how to generate novel functional materials with improved properties but with less amount of materials, utilizing aerosol nanoparticle techniques. His present research work focuses on generation and characterization of nanoparticle aerosols & nanopowders and fabricating functional coatings using aerosol methods.

Research interests: Aerosol formation and deposition processes in atmosphere and in industrial processes

Methods:  Nanomaterial synthesis, Liquid Flame Spray (LFS), Flame Spray Pyrolysis (FSP), Tube furnaces, Aerosol Flow chambers,  Aerosol measurement techniques

Applications: Multicomponent nanoparticle tailoring, Surface functionalization, Water repellency/Wetting, Omniphobic, Antimicrobial, Photocatalytic, Anti-icing, Porous thin films, Functional coatings, Plasmon resonance, Optical Fiber Fabrication by Aerosol Techniques, Glass colouring, …


  • Head of Physics Unit at Tampere University 2019-
  • Head of Laboratory of Physics at Tampere University of Technology 2017-18
  • Head of Deptartment of Physics 2014-16
  • Professor of Physics (Tampere University of Technology) 2010-
  • Lecturer of Physics (Tampere University of Technology) 2000-10
  • Senior Assistant (University of Helsinki) 1996-2000
  • Research Fellow (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute): 1993-94
  • D. 1992 (University of Helsinki)
  • Sc. 1987 (University of Helsinki)

Project work & such

PI on EU-FP4 project PARFORCE 1998-1999 (ENV4-CT97-0526)

Coordinator in “FUNCOAT – Nordiska InnovationsCentre 2006-2009;

Coordinator/PI in several projects by Tekes (Finnish Innovation Agency) projects 2008-

Academy of Finland: Nanostructured large-area antibacterial surfaces (nLABS) 2014-2018

Supervision of PhD-theses 10# & MSc-theses 32#

Selected publications

D. Dissertation : Mäkelä, J.M. (1992) “Studies on Irradiation Induced Aerosol Particle Formation Processes in Air Containing Sulphur Dioxide”. Acta Polytechnica Scandinavica, Applied Physics Series No. 182. 115 p.

Mäkelä, J. M., et al. (1997) “Observations of ultrafine aerosol particle formation and growth in boreal forest”, Geophys. Res. Lett. Vol. 24, No. 10 1219-1222.

Kulmala, M., Pirjola, L. and Mäkelä, J.M. (2000) “Stable Sulphate Clusters as a Source of New Atmospheric Particles”, Nature 404, 66-69.

Mäkelä M., et al. (2011) “Nanoparticle Deposition from Liquid Flame Spray Onto Moving Roll-to-roll Paperboard Material”, Aerosol Sci Technol. 45:827-37

Mäkelä, J.M., et al. (2017) Liquid Flame Spray – A Hydrogen-Oxygen Flame Based Method for Nanoparticle Synthesis and Functional Nanocoatings – A Review, KONA POWDER AND PARTICLE JOURNAL, 34, 141-154.

Juuti, P., Haapanen,J., Stenroos, C., Niemelä-Anttonen, H., Harra, J., Koivuluoto,H., Teisala,H., Lahti,J., Tuominen,M., Kuusipalo,J., Vuoristo,P., and Mäkelä, J.M. (2017) “Achieving a slippery, liquid-infused porous surface with anti-icing properties by direct deposition of flame synthesized aerosol nanoparticles on a thermally fragile substrate”, Phys. Lett., Article No: 161603; DOI: 10.1063/1.4981905.

Teisala, H., et al. (2018) Ultra-fast processing of hierarchical nanotexture for a transparent superamphiphobic coating with extremely low roll-off angle and high impalement pressure. Advanced Materials, DOI:10.1002/adma.201706529,

Sorvali, M., Vuori, L., Pudas, M., Haapanen, J., Mahlberg, R.,  Ronkainen, H.,  Honkanen, M.,  Valden, M., Mäkelä, J.M. (2018) “Fabrication of ultrathin multilayered superomniphobic nanocoatings by liquid flame spray, atomic layer deposition and silanization” Nanotechnology 29, 18, 185708.

Haapanen, J., Aromaa, M. , Teisala, H., Juuti, P. , Tuominen, M., Sillanpää, M., Stepien, M. , Saarinen, J.J. , Toivakka, M., Kuusipalo, J. , and Mäkelä, J.M., (2019) “On the limit of superhydrophobicity: defining the minimum amount of TiO2 nanoparticle coating,” Materials Research Express 6, 035004.

Jyrki Mäkelä

Professor, fysiikka
  • jyrki.makela@tuni.fi
  • +358401981018
  • Tampere University
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences