Matti Rissanen

Matti Rissanen received his M.Sc. (Honors) in 2007 and Ph.D. (Distinction) in 2012 in physical chemistry from the University of Helsinki Chemistry Department. The studies included gas-phase kinetics of small hydrocarbon free radical reactions relevant for combustion and atmospheric chemistry environments. Since then he has worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Physics Department of the University of Helsinki, and more recently, in the INAR institute. As of 2019, he started as a tenure track assistant professor of experimental aerosol science in Tampere University Physics Unit. Currently, he leads a five people research group focusing on experimental and theoretical characterization of fast radical reactions critical for pollutant formation, and removal, from the ambient gas media. He is an author of more than 70 research papers in reputed scientific journals mainly concerning radical reaction kinetics and mechanisms relevant for atmospheric and combustion chemistry, currently tackling the formation of in-situ aerosol precursors from ambient oxidation processes.

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Radical aerosol physical chemistry

Group members:

Matti Rissanen (Assist Professor tenure track, group leader)

Siddharth Iyer (Postdoctoral researcher)

Prasenjit Seal (Postdoctoral researcher)

Shawon Barua (Doctoral student)

Iiris Hyttinen (Research Assistant)

Katri Jokiniemi (Research Assistant)

Oskari Huukkala (Research Assistant)


To greatly improve the understanding and control of our living environment by solid knowledge of the fast physicochemical processes shaping its state.


The fast radical chemical reactions that are in the heart of all matter transformation in the ambient gas media. The time- and energy-scales vary widely and thus also our toolbox reflects this. Complementary experimental and theoretical methodologies are applied to investigate processes ranging from a single electron movement in a bond forming reaction to molecular clustering and subsequent new particle formation from multiple simultaneous gaseous sources.

Research Methods:

Flow reactor and environmental chamber investigations of radical oxidation reactions, utilizing multiple-ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry detection, augmented heavily by theoretical calculations of the key reaction steps, and the individual product detection characteristics.

We look for:

Fruitful collaboration and good students! 🙂


Matti Rissanen

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