New funding to Aerosol Physics Laboratory infrastructure

Chasing a passenger car with a mobile emission measurement laboratory

We have been granted €400 000 (FIRI, Academy of Finland) to update our instrumentation infrastructure.

The news in Finnish.

Our mobile laboratory – ATMo-Lab – is one of the exploratory platforms of the ACTRIS research infrastructure. ATMo-Lab enables studies of aerosol emissions and atmospheric aerosol processes at the locations where they take place.

Together with the University of Helsinki, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and the University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University has a joint research infrastructure ecosystem INAR RI, recognized in the Finnish research infrastructure roadmap. ACTRIS-FI (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) belongs to the national research infrastructure roadmap 2014-2020 as part of INAR RI. ACTRIS-FI is one of the cornerstones of ESFRI roadmap research infrastructure.

Through infrastructure funding (FIRI) the Academy of Finland aims at upgrading the quality and improving the renewal, competitiveness and interdisciplinary approach of Finnish research. The FIRI funding instrument provides funding for the acquisition, establishment, upgrading or expansion of nationally significant research infrastructures that promote scientific research. Click to check the latest strategy.