Here are short descriptions of our larger, currently on-going projects. Click a project logo to learn more.

Black Carbon Footprint

The BC Footprint project aims to create a novel concept and metrics that can be used to quantify black carbon emissions. Visit our Twitter for the latest updates.


DownToTen is developing a robust methodology that will enhance the regulatory approach towards particle number (PN) emissions in the sub 23nm region.


SCIPPER: Shipping Contributions to Inland Pollution Push for the Enforcement of Regulations. The main mission is to assess the impacts of shipping emissions on air quality, under different regulatory enforcement scenarios.


TUBE aims to discover the harmful components of air pollution and identify biomarkers for early detection of brain disease realted to air pollution.

Tampere University


TAQIITA: Traffic and air quality in India: technologies and attitudes. The project goal is to improve Indian capabilities for air quality monitoring and measurements and to provide knowledge and tools for vehicle emission reductions in order to  improve the air quality in cities.


Currently, none of the existing REACH compliance models are suited or validated for risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials. caLIBRAte will address this by developing a ‘system of systems’, based on a suite of tested and calibrated manufactured nano-specific risk prioritisation and control banding tools.