Topi Rönkkö

Topi Rönkkö started as a tenure track associate professor in 2018. Before that, he has been a research manager and university teacher in the Aerosol Physics Laboratory. His research focuses on urban atmospheric aerosols and particle emissions from engines, vehicles and power plants. By detailed characterization of aerosols, his research aims to understand primary and secondary particle formation, to find methods to mitigate the emissions, and to understand how the particle emissions affect air quality and climate. He has been author in more than 80 peer-reviewed research papers published e.g. in PNAS, ES&T, ACP and Atmospheric Environment. He has led several research projects and he currently leads the research group focusing on particle emissions and air quality.

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Recent and ongoing projects:

  • Black Carbon Footprint, 2019-2022, Business Finland,, twitter: @BCFootprint
  • TUBE – Transport derived Ultrafines and the Brain Effects, 2019-2023,, twitter: @TUBE_EU_Project
  • Transition to a resource efficient and climate neutral electricity system (EL-TRAN), 2015-2021, STN,, twitter: @Eltranteam.
  • Traffic and air quality in India – technologies and attitudes (TAQIITA), 2016-2020, Business Finland.
  • Services for effective decision making and environmental resilience (Cityzer), 2016-2019, Business Finland,, twitter: @cityzerproject
  • New technologies for gas combustion emissions (NewGas), 2016-2018, Business Finland.
  • Shipping Emissions in the Arctic – Effective Control Strategies for Black Carbon (SEA-EFFECTS BC), 2015-2017, Business Finland.
  • Finnish-Chinese GreenICT R&D&I Living Lab for Energy Efficient, Clean and safe Environments (GCLL), 2014-2016, Business Finland.

Topi Rönkkö

Associate Professor (tenure track), fysiikka
  • +358401981019
  • Tampere University
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences