CAST arranges courses and seminars related to general, theoretical and applied statistics and data analysis. The target groups at Tampere University include students, researchers, teachers and other personnel interested in quantitative methods. The responsibility of CAST is to coordinate the overall offering and to develop a model for providing quantitative methods education within Tampere University.

A course or an event may be implemented by a faculty, CAST or both based on what is considered reasonable in each case. For doctoral-level quantitative education, CAST collaborates with the University’s Doctoral School to better answer the specific needs of the doctoral students. International and national experts are involved in producing high-quality content by maintaining and developing the teacher pool for statistical and data analysis education within Tampere University. Furthermore, modern IT facilities at different levels are integrated into practical implementation whenever seen useful.

The role of CAST is also to increase cooperation between specialists in quantitative methods at Tampere University by making the existing knowledge base within different units more visible and by providing new opportunities for fruitful collaboration.


Research methods toolbox in TUNI Moodle (primarily in Finnish).

Research Methods Guidebook – an online environment for teaching and learning quantitative and qualitative research methods (only in Finnish).


Popular Seminar Series:

Statistics afternoon – past and present. Talks by emeritus statisticians (in Finnish):

Simo Puntanen: 100 Photographs of Professor C. R. Rao. International Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics (ALAPS 2020).

Visiting teachers

Moncef Gabbouj, Finland, 12/2018

Elja Arjas, Finland, 11/2018

Felipe Barletta, Brazil, 09–12/2017

Bikas Sinha, India, 11/2017

Hannu Oja, Finland, 10/2016, 11/2018

Antti Penttinen, Finland, 10/2016

Dulal Bhaumik, United States, 8/2016

Runa Bhaumik, United States, 8/2016

Klaus Nordhausen, Finland, 8/2016

Markus Matilainen, Finland, 8/2016

Joni Virta, Finland, 8/2016

Aurore Archimbaud, France, 8/2016

Vanda Lourenco, Portugal, 7/2016

Stephen Walter, Canada, 3/2016

Asko Tolvanen, Finland, 12/2015, 1/2016

Noona Kiuru, Finland, 12/2015, 1/2016

AJ Bostian, United States, 11–12/2015

Maiju Pesonen, Finland, 12/2015