Superconductivity and CERN - Where Science Meets Business - Workshop 12.2.2019 in Tampere

Workshop: Superconductivity and CERN - Science meets business

Does your company have special skills? Is your manufacturing more precise than other’s? Can you do flexibly small quantity test batches for products that nobody ever worked before? Or can you measure more accurately than others? If you said year, CERN might have a need for your special skills.

CERN is a hub for state-of-the-art research and development of new technologies for example in superconducting magnets. This research requires constantly new special materials and devices. We are searching for Finnish companies with special competences.

Working with CERN opens new business opportunities in high technology sector.

Tampere University (until 2018 Tampere University of Technology) has been working with CERN in superconducting magnet research already for ten years. Now new opportunities are arising to involve companies to work with CERN. This work was kicked-off with a workshop organised in collaboration with Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre (SMACC).

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