Monolithic, Cloud-Native, Microservices, Serverless or FaaS?

Rearchitecting monolithic systems with cloud-native patterns is a complex task. In our group, we aim at understanding when and why this process can be beneficial, and how companies could migrate.
We aim at investigating patterns and anti-patterns (or bad smells) of cloud-native architectural styles, together with objective approach to measure them

Companies are re-architecting their monolithic information systems with cloud-native architectural patterns such as microservices or Serverless Functions (aka Function as a Service or FaaS). However, the migration to cloud-native must be approached carefully, with a clear migration or development plan and with a deep knowledge of the pros and cons, patterns and antipatterns.
Our research is focused on the investigation of the pros and cons of the different cloud-native solutions, the definition of clear and objective measures to understand if the migration is beneficial or not, and the identification processes, patterns and anti-patterns for microservices and Serverless Functions / FaaS.