Our projects mainly focus on the migration from monolithic to cloud-native, investigating company needs, patterns, anti-patterns, process, models and any other interesting of cloud-native software evolution and maintenance.

From Monolithic to Cloud-Native

The project aims at investigating processes and motivations to migrate to microservices. The ultimate goal is to provide a decision support framework to objectively understand it the migration to cloud-native can be beneficial or not.

Microservices Bad Smells and Anti-Patterns

In this project, we aim at investigating bad smells and anti-patterns that can create issues to the development process or to the software quality. Moreover, we are investigating tools for the automatic detection of bad smells and anti-patterns.

How to evaluate Open Source Software (365.000 euro – Funded by Private company)

In this project, we investigated software  quality models that can be applied to open source software. The goal is to extend our previously published selection models and apply them in the industrial context