CNESS call Autumn 2022: CNESS reviews

The TAU research platform Climate Neutral Energy Systems and Society (CNESS) invites research groups within the CNESS remit to propose literature review topics.
To make key research challenges, complex themes or phenomena better visible and comprehensible for CNESS research groups and wider scientific communities in the form of internationally published scientific review articles or for the identification of research gaps for subsequent funding applications or further collaborative work.
The theme of the literature review must fit within the scope of the platform. In all cases, there must be an element of interdisciplinarity in the work. This can mean 1) the theme of the review is of interdisciplinary interest, i.e., not very narrow in scope; or 2) the review is discussed in an internal seminar open to the CNESS community, for mutual learning and to identify areas for further collaborative work within CNESS, or 3) is discussed in a wider external seminar that can also involve stakeholders. In all cases, the results should be communicated to the CNESS community. This can also take place in a CNESS results seminar or retreat seminar to be organized during winter 2022/23. The CNESS mailing list and website can also be used for dissemination.
For the reviews, CNESS can channel person-months for the work of an advanced master’s or doctoral student, or a postdoc. Preference is for themes and challenges of wide interdisciplinary interest. The funding can be in the region of 1-2pm depending on the ambition level. Short proposals are expected of 0.5-1pp summarising the aim, required funding, interdisciplinary character of the work and names of responsible researchers. The application should be sent as one document to CNESS coordinator carl.muth(at), by Monday 17.10.2022, at 16:15.
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