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“Another day in paradise?” – External interference, threats and harassment experienced by Finnish journalists

Corporation or entrepreneurship?
How future journalists in Shanghai and St. Petersburg envisage their professional success in the digital news ecosystem.

Diversity in Journalism – an Ideal, and Attribute, an Opportunity
The dissertation research aims to develop a data analytics tool utilizing natural language processing methods, and to test it in different newsrooms.

Diversity Meter
This design research project develops a digital data-analysis tool that will measure diversity of news content in media organizations’ digital news archives.

Emotions and responsibility in immersive journalism (EMORES)
Emotional effects of VR-journalism in the context of journalism ethics.

The Future of Dispersed Journalism
The project investigates how start-up culture, metrics analysis and event production have become part of journalism in Finland.

Individual paths of journalists: Qualitative longitudinal research
The project follows the lives and careers of about 40 young journalists for ten years.

MediaClimate 2.0: Climate politics and networked journalism in the Post-Copenhagen era
The MediaClimate project looks into global climate change coverage in twenty countries.

Podcast in journalistic work – tools for understanding the role of audio media in a multimedia environment
The project looks at what makes a podcast a special form of media and on what the effectiveness of audio media is based.

Printed or digital? The significance of user interface for reading habits and choices
The project looks into how news audiences read newspapers in print and digitally.

Reuters Institute Digital News Report – Key Findings in Finland
The project composes a report that presents the key findings of Reuters Institute Digital News Study in Finnish from the point of view of Finland.

Time for Change: Finnish Political Journalism in the 2010s
Focuses on changes in Finnish political journalism.

Completed projects