Journalism Students across the Globe: Finland (JSG)

This research project focuses on students of journalism in Finland. The study is connected to an international comparative research initiative Journalism Students across the Globe: Professionalization, Identity and Challenges in a Changing Environment (JSG). The project aims to study journalism students across the globe in a comparative manner. The JSG project will conduct simultaneous surveys of journalism students around the world, with the aim of providing as large a variety of countries as possible, and representing all inhabited continents. The study has recruited over 30 collaborators around the globe. The data collection period will last until the end of 2015.

The sub-study on Finland has gathered survey data from students of journalism from 6 different Finnish higher education institutions that provide degrees in journalism. Research material was collected by conducting an online survey (n = 265). The project gathered information about students’ personal backgrounds and views, motivation and skills, and views on journalism, as well as the tertiary journalism education landscape.

The sub study on Finland will result in an open source report that will prove useful in the mapping of the field of journalism and developing education.

The Finnish study is funded by Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

More information on the global study:

Jenni Mäenpää, jenni.k.maenpaa(at)uta-fi

Project leaders:
Laura Ahva, laura.ahva(at)
Pauliina Lehtonen, pauliina.lehtonen(at) (on leave)