Open online seminar on August 19–20: Hybrid Media Events. Studying Terrorist Violence and Conspiracy Theories 

The seminar brings together themes from two research projects: Hybrid Terrorizing (HYTE) and Politics of Conspiracy Theories (SAPO). The seminar is open for all, but registration is required by August 19th.

Hybrid Media Events: Studying Terrorist Violence and Conspiracy Theories

For four years (2017–2021), the Hybrid Terrorizing (HYTE) research consortium has been developing new methodologies for studying global media events of terrorist violence. Consisting of researchers in media and communication studies, computational social sciences, as well as international politics and security studies, the project has explored ways to combine qualitative and computational research methods to analyse different types of media data, interviews, and fieldwork material. Members of the consortium come from Tampere University, the University of Helsinki, and the National Defense University.  

This seminar introduces the main theoretical and methodological findings of the project funded by the Academy of Finland. The University of Helsinki research project, Politics of Conspiracy Theories (SAPO), is funded by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. The project examines the political usage of conspiracy theories in the context of hybrid media events of terrorist violence. 

The seminar is open for all, but registration is required by August 19th through this online form:​. The Zoom link for the seminar will be sent to the email address you provide through the form.

The seminar programme

Day 1: Thursday 19th August 2021

10:00-12:00 EEST (UTC/GMT +3 hours)
Panel 1: Logics of attention in hybrid media events

Opening and introduction to the Hybrid Terrorizing (HYTE) research project
Associate Professor Katja Valaskivi, HYTE Research Consortium PI, Tampere University and University of Helsinki 

Media event theory and the contemporary media environment
Associate Professor Johanna Sumiala, University of Helsinki 

The Attention Apparatus and the Hype Machine: Commodified Communication in Hybrid Media Events
Associate Professor Katja Valaskivi and Postdoctoral Researcher Niina Uusitalo, Tampere University 

Professor Nick Couldry, LSE, UK 

12:00-13:00 Lunch break

13:00-15:00 (EEST (UTC/GMT +3 hours)
Panel 2: Methodological ideas and method development 

The ethnographic field in researching the digital world
Postdoctoral Researcher Minttu Tikka, University of Helsinki and Aalto University 

Studying hate speech on 4chan
Associate Professor Asta Zelenkauskaite, Drexel University, US

Computational methods with an ethnographic lens
Senior Researcher Jukka Huhtamäki, Tampere University 

Professor Annette Markham, RMIT University, Australia

Day 2: Friday 20th August 2021

10:00-12:15 EEST (UTC/GMT +3 hours)
ROUNDTABLE: Encounters between Violence and Media

Introduction: Encounters between Violence and Media 
Postdoctoral Researchers Noora Kotilainen, National Defence University and University of Helsinki, and Anu A. Harju, University of Helsinki 

Dr. Tal Morse, Hadassah College, Jerusalem
We are one”: Mediatized death rituals and the recognition of marginalized Others 

Professor Kaarina Nikunen, Tampere University
Echo of experience: Feminist response to racialization of sexual crime in the hybrid media event 

PhD Researcher Tijana Stolic, LSE, UK
Trafficked women in press journalism: Politics and ambivalence in the quest for visibility 


Closing words of the seminar
Associate Professors Katja Valaskivi and Johanna Sumiala


Head of Research Consortium: Associate Professor Katja Valaskivi (katja.valaskivi at
Conference Assistant: Alli Wartiovaara (alli.wartiovaara at