Group aim shortly or slogan

One easy-to-understand sentence on what the group/center is about.

Title for introduction

This element is optional but recommended. You can use this element to briefly tell about the research group and its aims. Write to your main audience, but keep the text rather short and very easy to read.

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News and Events

Title for video

This element is optional. You can use this element if you have a YouTube video about your group´s work.

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Liftup - links


This element is optional. You can use this element for placing the logos of your research group partners, in addition to the logos that will be displayed on all pages at the bottom of the page. Use each logo as a link to the partner’s website.

Read our blog

This element is optional. You can use it in case your research group has a full-scale blog somewhere else and you wish to show the latest articles on your site. Three latest articles will be shown.