Welcoming seminar for Professor Julie Coiro

We are honored to have Professor Julie Coiro from the University of Rhode Island as our guest for three months.

Julie Coiro is a Professor in the School of Education at the University of Rhode Island (USA), where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in reading instruction, research design, and digital literacy. Her expertise lies in online reading comprehension, collaborative inquiry, the design of digital assessment spaces, effective practices for digital inquiry, and professional learning.

We want to warmly welcome Julie Coiro by organizing a welcoming seminar on Friday, August 11, 2023, at Tampere University.

In the seminar, we will discuss various perspectives on critical digital reading. Professor Coiro will share her experiences at URI’s Annual Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, which has reached 1,000+ educators worldwide over the past 11 years to support their understanding of digital inquiry.

EduLit and Critical researchers will share their ongoing research. The seminar programme also includes a research potpourri by Masters and Ph.D. students where they present their research topics briefly. We look forward to Coiro’s comments on our research.

The seminar is organized by EduLit research group and Critical project.

The seminar program can be accessed here: