Charter of the Professional Duties of French Journalists

Country: France

National Union of French Journalists Charter of the Professional Duties of Journalists

A journalist worthy of the name:

Assumes responsibility for all that he writes.

Considers slander, unfounded accusations, alteration of documents, distortion of facts, and lying to be the most serious professional misconduct.

Recognizes the jurisdiction of his colleagues as the only one which is sovereign in matters of professional honour.

Accepts only such assignments that are compatible with his professional dignity.

Declines to invoke an imaginary title of quality, use dishonest means to obtain information or take advantage of the good faith of anybody.

Does not accept money in a public service or a private enterprise where his status as a journalist, his influence and his connections may be exploited.

Does not sign articles which are commercial or financial advertising.

Does not commit any plagiarism.

Does not claim the position held by another colleague nor cause him to be dismissed by offering to work under inferior conditions.

Respects professional secrecy.

Does not make use of the freedom of the press with profit-seeking intentions.

Demands the freedom to honestly publish his information.

Respects justice and gives it top priority.

Does not confuse his role with that of a policeman.

(Adopted by the National Union of French Journalists in 1918 and revised and completed by the union (SNJ) in 1938).

Last updated on 24.10.2018. Source: Accountable Journalism