FICAM promotes implementation of non-animal approaches which leads to decreased use of laboratory animals and to better biomedical science.

Isolation of cells from tissue sample

FICAM´s expertise

The area of the multidisciplinary expertise in FICAM covers the development of human- cell-based methods to be used in regulatory toxicology, mechanistic toxicology, cell biology, tissue technology, selected disease models, and cell imaging.

FICAM tissue/organ models are based on cells differentiated from human (adult) stem cells or human primary cells. The models combine several cell types of a tissue with supporting material to mimic the normal functions of human tissues. The Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) is a leading principle in the strategy of model and assay development.

FICAM has a high quality GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratory, and all FICAM validation studies and toxicity tests are performed in compliance with GLP. The staff consists of professors, senior scientists, quality assurance, doctoral students, and GLP educated technicians.

FICAM offers Ph.D. and M.Sc. positions.

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