The European Parliament "Strategies for Innovation in Life Sciences"

Strategies for Innovation in Life Sciences“, 3rd-5th December,  comprised an exhibition in the European Parliament and a roundtable discussion. Tuula Heinonen gave a presentation titled “Focused approach brings the best outcome for paradigm change from animal biology based testing strategy to human cellular models and tests based testing strategy: FICAM, the Finnish Center for Alternative Methods”

Draft programme

(at the exhibition space)

11:00-12:00: Opening of the exhibition (Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP (host), Juha Partanen, State Secretary, Finland, and other MEPs TBC)
12:00-13:00: Tour of the exhibition and media moments

(at the conference room)

13:00:13:30: Networking Lunch with conference speakers
13:30-13:35: Opening of the conference, MEP TBC
13:35-13:40: Luísa Bastos, Eurogroup for Animals
13:40-13:55: Juha Partanen, State Secretary, Finland
13:55-14:15: Thomas Hartung, Director, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT)
14:15-14:35: Tuula Heinonen, Director, Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods (FICAM)
14:35-14:55: Uwe Marx, CEO, TissUse
14:55-15:15: Liesbet Geris, Director, Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi)
15:15-15:35: Nick Juckes, Coordinator, InterNiche
15:35-15:55: Laura Gribaldo, Scientific Officer, Joint Research Centre – European Commission (JRC-EC)
15:55-16:15: Christian Desaintes, Scientific/Policy Officer, European Commission (DG R&I)
16:15-16:55: Panel discussion
16:55-17:00: Closing of the conference, MEP TBC