Research Services

FICAM´s staff has over 20 years experience in in vitro methods. FICAM is committed to high-quality research and operates under GLP regulations.

Test method development

FICAM offers tailored research to meet customers´ needs. For example, FICAM develops new test methods based on customers´needs and develops further customers´ own test methods.

Test method validation

FICAM offers consultation and validation service on test method validation. E.g. FICAM validates test methods developed by customers. The validations are performed in compliance with OECD GD 34

See also GLP and Validation

Customized Vasculogenesis/Angiogenesis Tests

It is well known that several physiologic and pathologic processes involve alterations in the formation or functionality of blood vessels. Malformed blood vessels are connected to many diseases.
We offer customisation of our in vitro Vasculogenesis/angiogenesis model to suit customers specific needs.

Applications include (but are not restricted to):

  • addition of other cell types to study e.g. cell-cell interactions and testing effects of cellular components
  • combining of metabolizing component (e.g. hepatocytes) to the model
  • use of the model to study vascular-system related  disease mechanisms e.g  pre eclampsia ( 1 Virtanen A et al. 2016)
  • transformation of the standard model to a specific disease model e.g. by using transfected disease specific cells

1 Virtanen A , Toimela T, Tihtonen K, Sarkanen JR, Huttala O, Heinonen T, Uotila J (2016): Strong inhibitory effect of pre-eclampsia serum on angiogenesis detected in vitro by human cell-based angiogenesis tests. Pregnancy Hypertens 6(4):367-373.