Test Method Development


FICAM’s cell and tissue models are based on cells differentiated from human (adult) stem cells, iPS cells or human primary cells. To mimic the normal functions of human tissues the models combine several cell types of a tissue with supporting material. The Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) is the leading principle in the strategy of the assay development.

FICAM’s models and assays are applicable for:

  • efficacy and safety testing of pharmaceuticals
  • safety testing of industrial chemicals, cosmetic ingredients agrochemicals, food additives, and biocides
    basic and mechanistic research

The method development process is divided into three stages. First a scientifically solid model is developed (scientific proof of concept). Then, the performance of the model is proven by using known reference compounds. The model is optimised and the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is created. In final stage, the model is validated as being in compliance with the OECD and other international relevant guidelines.