Vasculogenesis/Angiogenesis test


Vasculogenesis/angiogenesis test plateFICAM´s vasculogenesis/angiogenesis test is performed using human vasculogenesis/angiogenesis cell model. The cell model mimics the development of normal human vasculature. In the model, endothelial cells (isolated from umbilical vein endothelium)  combined with adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells (isolated from fat tissue) together form tubular structures which connect to form tubular networks. In the test method, the effect of chemicals on the endothelial cell tubule formation ability is studied. Chemicals may be inhibitory (e.g acetyl salicylic acid, thalidomide, growth factor antibodies, cancer drugs) or stimulatory (a modified set-up is used , e.g. certain growth factors) . Several concentrations of test chemicals may be run simultaneously. The test is responsive to a variety of vasculogenesis and angiogenesis inhibitors and have been shown to detect teratogenic substances.


– Biomedical research
– Drug development (e.g. cancer drugs)
– Predicting teratogenic effects of chemicals (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,
industrial chemicals, biocides etc.) and their mixtures

  • Testing of cytotoxicity is included as a standard feature of the assay
  • Both GLP and non-GLP testing service available

FICAM Vasculogenesis brochure [PDF]