Open lecture series 'Insights into learning and teaching in transforming contexts of higher education' (Aug - Nov 2019)

Welcome to the open lecture series!

The lecture series addresses topical issues in university communities: How do we know if university teaching promotes student engagement and high-quality learning gains? What is a transformative power of curriculum? How to understand “global attractiveness” and internationalisation of universities?​ The aim is to have an analytical and critical look at development processes in academic work. The lecture series explores new perspectives for the future – from the teacher’s and student’s perspective – in the international/global context of higher education.

7 November 2019, Tampere University, City centre campus, Virta, EDU’s café

09:30 – 10:45 Open lecture

Sue Robson “Internationalisation in transition in higher education” (lecture summary | slides | video)

10:45 – 11:15 Coffee break

11:15 – 12:45 Panel discussion on diverse perspectives of internationalisation in higher education (video)

Panellists: Anne Mäki-Rahkola (Student Union of Tampere University TREY), Leena Uski (Strategic International Development Team, TAU), Jussi Kivistö (Higher Education Group, Faculty of Management and Business, TAU), and Rebecca Boden (New Social Research, TAU)

Discussant Sue Robson

Moderator Vesa Korhonen

Event moderator & contact person: Vesa Korhonen,

3 October 2019,  Tampere University, City centre campus, Virta, EDU’s café

09:30 – 10:45 Open lecture

Paul Ashwin: “Transforming university teaching and curriculum” (videoslides)

10:45 – 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 – 12:45 Open seminar

Lotta-Maria Sinervo, Anna-Aurora Kork & Kirsi Hasanen: “Between theory and practice: controversial outcomes of curriculum development in public financial management” (slides)

Jyri Lindén & Johanna Annala: “The relationship between knowledge and competencies in higher education curriculum” (video & slides)

Discussant Paul Ashwin

Event moderator & contact person: Jyri Lindén,

12 August 2019, Tampere University, City centre campus, Pinni B, room B3107

12:15 – 13:45 Open lecture

Camille Kandiko Howson  “Transformative student learning gains” (slides)

13:45 – 14:00 Break

14:00 – 15:45 Open seminar

Vesa Korhonen “Reviewing First Year students’ engagement within different disciplinary fields at a Finnish university”

Mari Murtonen “Intended learning outcomes – benefits and pitfalls” (slides)

Discussant Camille Kandiko Howson

Event moderator & contact person: Johanna Annala,

The lecture series is organised by HET research group and the Team of University Pedagogy, Faculty of Education and Culture. The lectures are funded by the Ällästikku Teaching Award of the year 2018. The award was granted to teachers and researchers in university pedagogy for successful implementation of the research-teaching nexus in universities’ pedagogical activities.

Sue Robson

Emerita Professor of Education and a member of the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching, Newcastle University, UK

Sue’s research interests include internationalisation of higher education and teaching, learning and the student experience in higher education. Sue was principal investigator on an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Project, ‘Approaches and Tools for Internationalisation at Home’, 2016-2018. She was Visiting Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in 2019 where she is a member of the CEES – Higher Education Studies Center. She is also a member of the International Advisory Group for the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at University College Dublin.

Anne Mäki-Rahkola

Anne Mäki-Rahkola

Specialist in International Affairs and Advocacy at the Student Union of Tampere University (TREY), Finland

Anne holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from University of Tampere. In her current job she is responsible for protecting international students’ interests at the university and for advising international students in various matters.

Leena Uski

Strategic International Development Team, Tampere University, Finland

Leena has worked for the internationalisation of the University of Tampere since 2009 and, before that, at the international affairs’ office of three Finnish universities. Her current tasks include cooperation within networks consisting of Nordic and Chinese institutions of higher education, management of bilateral cooperation agreements at institutional level and bilateral cooperation with partner universities in Brazil, Canada, Ghana, Tanzania and some parts of China.

Jussi Kivistö

Professor of Higher Education Management at Higher Education Group, Faculty of Management and Business, Tampere University, Finland

Kivistö has published more than 90 journal articles, book chapters and edited books in the field of higher education management and policy. He frequently serves as an expert, speaker and consultant in various initiatives related to higher education policy, governance, and management in collaboration with domestic and international policy-making organizations (e.g. the World Bank).

Rebecca Boden

Rebecca Boden

Research Director of New Social Research, Tampere University, Finland

Rebecca is Research Director of New Social Research, a major profiling action in Tampere University across four faculties. In her own work she is an internationally known researcher in higher education.  As a critical  accountant, she approaches this work from an unusual perspective, having a particular interest in the marketisation and management of universities globally.  As a non-Finnish academic in Finland, she has developed an interest in the internationalisation of academics and doctoral students, currently developing a project with Louise Morely of CHEER in the University of Sussex.

Paul Ashwin

Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK

Paul’s research focuses on Higher Education teaching, learning and curriculum and Higher Education policies. Paul is a researcher in the ‘Centre for Global Higher Education’, a coordinating editor for the international journal ‘Higher Education’, and co-editor of the Bloomsbury book series ‘Understanding Student Experiences of Higher Education’. Paul’s recent books include Reflective Teaching in Higher Education (2015, Bloomsbury); Higher Education Pathways: South African Undergraduate Education and the Public Good (2018, African Minds) and How Powerful Knowledge Disrupts Inequality: Reconceptualising Quality in Undergraduate Education (2018, Bloomsbury).

Lotta-Maria Sinervo

University Lecturer in the field of Public Financial Management at the Faculty of Management and Business, Tampere University, Finland

Lotta-Maria’s research interests are on planning, budgeting and financing public services in a sustainable way, effectively and efficiently. Her expertise focuses on interpreting and using performance and financial information for better decision-making and management. In addition, Lotta-Maria studies financial sustainability and financial autonomy of local and regional governments.

Anna-Aurora Kork

PhD in Administrative Sciences, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Management and Business, Tampere University, Finland

Anna-Aurora’s research interests include public accountability, customer responsiveness and improvement of healthcare. She is interested in studying tensions in reforming public services and developing primary care from both economic and citizen perspective. Currently she is developing a collective framework for measuring the impact of health research in EU Horizon2020 project (MultiAct).

Jyri Lindén

University Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University, Finland

Jyri’s research interests focus on curriculum in higher education, nature of teaching profession, and professional development of academics. He works as a university lecturer in a team responsible for academic practice and supporting pedagogical development in domestic and international contexts. He is a steering group member in a research group Higher Education in Transition (HET).

Johanna Annala

Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University, Finland

Johanna’s research focus on higher education, especially on curriculum and educational change. Her research areas include research-teaching nexus, student engagement and educational spaces. She is a co-leader of the Higher Education in Transition (HET) research group. Currently she is a visiting scholar at the University of Melbourne, Australia, until the end of the year 2019.

Camille Kandiko Howson

Associate Professor of Education in the Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship (CHERS), Imperial College London, UK

Camille is an international expert in higher education research with a focus on student engagement; student outcomes and learning gain; quality, performance and accountability; and gender and prestige in academic work. She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She recently evaluated the UK Office for Students’ £4million Learning Gain Pilot Projects. Formerly she was Academic Head of Student Engagement and Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at King’s College London.

Vesa Korhonen

Research Director & Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University, Finland

Vesa’s expertise cover different research areas in higher education, like student research. He has studied students’ engagement and learning approaches, problematic pathways within higher education or transition patterns onto world of work. In addition, questions about diversity and positions of international students in higher education have been the subject of his development and research work. He is a co-leader of the Higher Education in Transition (HET) research group and currently leads eTraining FinPal project.

Mari Murtonen

Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University & Research Leader, University of Turku, Finland

Mari’s areas of expertise include learning and teaching in higher education and development of scientific and methodological thinking. She has been the Editor-in-chief of the Finnish Journal of University Pedagogy, and currently works on the editorial board of the Educational Research Review. She leads the digital learning solution.