'Careers in Higher Education (Research)' Seminar on 17 June 2022

Welcome to the first seminar of Finland-based early-career higher education researchers taking place in Tampere & online on 17.6.2022!

‘Careers in Higher Education (Research)’ seminar explores professional identities and well-being of early-career higher education researchers. The seminar aims to give examples of different career paths as well as provide an opportunity to make visible the skills of early-career researchers and tacit knowledge in academia through presentations and peer group discussions. Higher education career development will be explored particularly in relation to work-life balance and well-being. Moreover, this seminar, organised for the first time, brings together multidisciplinary and multilingual early-career higher education researchers at a time when opportunities for social interaction have been limited due to the pandemic.

Location: Tampere University (city centre campus, room TBC) and online (Zoom link will be sent later).

Organisers: This event is jointly organised by the Network of Finland-based early-career higher education researchers, Higher Education in Transition – HET (Tampere University), Higher Education Group – HEG (Tampere University) and the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers in Finland – CHERIF.

The Network of Finland-based early-career higher education researchers is an informal subgroup of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers in Finland (CHERIF). We are a group of researchers in different positions (master students, doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers or similar positions) in various higher education institutions (or institutions near to higher education) in Finland/outside Finland that share the interest in researching Finnish higher education. We operate as an informal network which means that we are not an official organisation, and we do not have membership fees. Our network is open to all that consider themselves as ‘Finland-based early-career higher education researchers’. If you would like to know more about the network, please visit this webpage.

Participation: This seminar is free of charge, and it is open to all those who consider themselves Finland-based early-career higher education researchers. If you would like to participate onsite in Tampere, we encourage you to ask your home institution/faculty/research group for a possibility of covering your travel expenses.

Please register by Friday 3 June 2022.

Preliminary programme*

10:00–10:30Welcome words from the organisers
10:30–11:30Keynote: Position of early-career researchers in Finnish higher education
Dr Johanna Moisio, Executive Director of FUURT
11:30–12:30Lunch break (own cost)
12:30–15:00Parallel sessions

1. How to start a research career? This session is especially aimed at those who are currently considering to start or have just started their doctoral research, but anyone who wishes to explore the topic is more than welcome to join! We aim to discuss e.g. what to take into account when considering suitable PhD positions, how it feels to do research in different life situations and where to find funding for PhD research?

2. Doing a PhD, what does it mean? In this session, participants can reflect on their personal experiences when doing a PhD. We explore those supportive or challenging elements that may enhance or hamper PhD processes, e.g. what are those informal rules and invisible hierarchies that may be present in academic communities, how to tackle uncertainties and where to find suitable collaborators (also outside the closest research group)?

3. I have done a PhD, what now? A session focusing on the postdoc period or similar kind of position by exploring project management, multitasking (e.g. combination of research and teaching) and other aspects that seems to be typical in postdoc or similar kind of positions. In addition, we explore opportunities to move between academia and other sectors.
15:00–15:30Presentation: Who are early-career higher education researchers? Interdisciplinarity, communities, and support
Dr Melina Aarnikoivu, Postdoctoral Researcher (FIER, University of Jyväskylä), Project Leader (University of Borås), Coordinator of ECHER
15:30–16:00Seminar closing remarks & ideas for the future of the network
16:00–17:00Free discussion and networking
*The event programme may be subject to change.

If you wish to have further information about this event, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Henna Juusola: henna.juusola@tuni.fi
  • Vesna Holubek: vesna.holubek@tuni.fi

We are looking forward to meeting you in-person/online in June!