Novel Materials and Fabrication Methods for Body-Centric Passive Wireless Sensors, 1.9.2016–31.12.2021, Academy of Finland

In this research project, embroidery of conductive yarns and 3D direct write dispensing of conductive materials; graphene, copper, and stretchable silver inks, as well as protective coatings, are used to fabricate flexible and reliable antennas and interconnections embedded into textile materials. Wearable passive UHF RFID –based humidity and strain sensor components are established to demonstrate the feasibility of these novel materials and methods, and finally implemented into real life healthcare use situations.


Clothing-Integrated Human-Technology Interaction, 1.10.2018–31.12.2021, Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

In this project, passive UHF RFID technology is pioneered as a body movement-based solution for human-technology interaction. Changes in clothing-integrated tag antenna dimensions and orientations, caused by body movements, can be detected by variations in the backscattered signal strength, and used as wireless inputs for connected devices. The unobtrusive implementation of these passive RFID components into clothing, with low cost and high reliability, is achieved via embroidered antennas and antenna-IC interconnections. We establish a passive UHF RFID –based human-technology interface and test the performance in home environment proof-of-concept applications.

Reliable Electronics for Tomorrow’s Active Systems, 1.2.2020–31.1.2024, European Commission

This project creates an international and inter-sectoral network of academic and industrial members (organizations from Finland, France, Poland, UK and China). The team works through a series of workshops and secondments and develops novel tools for agile design, testing, analyzing and improving the reliability of new devices in various demanding applications and environments.


Clothing-Integrated Interface (ClothFace) and Applications, 1.9.2020–31.8.2024, Academy of Finland

This project will revolutionize human-world interaction, by turning our everyday clothing into intelligent user interfaces, using our mobile devices as digital getaways to the world around us. Future interaction will be based on simple and natural hand movements on cloth, such as writing letters and numbers and tapping or swiping the cloth surface. The approach is fully passive, having no on-cloth energy sources, which makes implementation into clothing cost-effective and easy. Interdisciplinary collaboration will foster the design aspects, by administering research through design methods that will involve users, healthcare professionals, developers, as well as interaction and fashion designers into the design process.


A Novel Combination of Mobile Robots and Passive RFID for Ensuring Functioning of Critical Care Environments During Major Crises, 01.11.2020–31.10.2023, Academy of Finland

In this research project, the functioning of critical healthcare environments during major crises is ensured by modern technologies. We are establishing clothing-integrated and healthcare environment-embedded passive RFID solutions and utilizing data fusion for supporting mobile robots with the passive RFID data. Through this, we employ mobile robots to accomplish optimized routine work tasks and various critical supplementary missions during crises. The carefully selected project collaboration team will enable high social impact of the research, as their substance skills guide the development towards the real-life needs of healthcare environments.


Teknologialla Osallisuutta – Verkostolla Vaikuttavuutta (New Participation Possibilities by Technology), 01.01.2021–31.12.2023, Ministry of Education and Culture

Projektissa luodaan osallisuutta edistävän älyvaate- ja älyhuonekaluteknologian ympärille verkosto, jonka tavoitteena on osallisuuden edistäminen moniammatillisen koulutuksen ja tutkimuksen kautta. Projektissa kehitetään toimintamalleja moniammatilliseen korkeakoulu- ja työelämäyhteistyöhön ja valmiita älyvaate- ja älyhuonekalukonsepteja. Verkostomme kerää yhteen teknologian, toiminta- ja puheterapian, sekä erityispedagogiikan tutkijat, opettajat, opiskelijat ja työelämän ammattilaiset.

(Shortly in English: In this project, we are creating a multidisciplinary national network around smart clothing and smart furniture in order to create new participation possibilities).

Adnan Mehmood / Tampere University