Research Group on Earth, Foundation and Railway Structures

The mission of research group is to produce new research-based knowledge for the benefit of Finnish society enabling safe construction and utilization as well as lifecycle-efficient maintenance of different types of infrastructures belonging to the built environment. These infrastructures include e.g. roads, railways, environmental structures, structures of sports and recreational areas, yards and foundation engineering structures.

The most important ways to implement research results are under-graduate, post-graduate and continuation education, international and domestic publishing, and diverse influence on the norms and guidelines applied in the group’s operating area.

The main goals of the research group are:

- Produce new, research-based material and structural solutions, as well as design and repair methods that enable adoption of more lifecycle-efficient practices in infrastructure construction and maintenance
- Train new diploma engineers and PhDs with up-to-date skills for the various tasks in the field of infrastructure engineering
- Together with our partners, we conduct wide-ranging development of the field of infrastructure engineering by participating in the preparation of national and EU-level guidelines and norms, and by influencing professional organizations and committees in the field.

The research group is divided into three functionally overlapping subgroups – Earth, Foundation and Railway Structures.

Research is characterized by:

- Analytical and numerical analysis of the performance of infrastructures
- Verification of analysis results by monitoring measurements of full-scale structures
- Deriving input data for the analyses based on versatile laboratory and field measurement capabilities used by the research team
- Conducting research projects in close collaboration with research stakeholders - industry, infrastructure owners and authorities
- Reporting of key research results in Finnish and English

Contact info prof. Pauli Kolisoja and prof. Tim Länsivaara