13.12. Concept Workshop: Experience & Experientiality.

December 13th at 12-15, Room Pinni B4113,
Tampere University
Guest speaker: Marco Caracciolo, Ghent University

Notice: the room has changed to Pinni B4113


The interdisciplinary research centre Narrare has a tradition of arranging workshops on the central concepts of interdisciplinary narrative studies, such as tellability or narrative identity. The next workshop will investigate the concepts experience and experientiality.  These concepts have dominated narrative debates since Monika Fludernik (1996, 329) proposed the “reconstitution of narrativity on the lines of experiential rather than actantial parameters”, and since David Herman (2009, 14) argued that “narrative is centrally concerned with qualia…the sense of ‘what it is like’ for someone or something to have a particular experience”. In sociolinguistics, William Labov and Joshua Waletzky (1997) already defined narrative as “one method of accounting experience”. But how do we understand the temporal scope of experience? Is it an immediate, flash-like phenomenon, resembling the German Erlebnis, or does it contain and require interpretation and temporal extent, like the Erfahrung? In other words, we are interested in what is the relationship between the emotional immediacy and cognitive processing of experiences. Fludernik also argues that historical narrative “lacks the feature of surprise… or experientiality… and therefore only qualifies as zero-degree narrativity (328). What does it mean from the perspective of historical study of experience? To add further complexity, we can ponder whether narrative experientiality refers to experiences in the storyworld, experientiality in the text, or experiencing in the reception of the narratives and how these levels interact?

Marco Caracciolo is the author of several books, including The Experientiality of Narrative: An Enactivist Approach (Narratologia, 43, De Gruyter, 2014).

Other speakers include:

Raisa Toivo: Experience in history

Mari Hatavara: Narrative Mediation of Experience

Jaakko Belt: Temporality of experience: A phenomenological account

Samuli Björninen: Whose experientiality? Narrative theory and the sites of experience.

Chair: Matti Hyvärinen


Workshop is open but pre-registration on or before December 1st is recommended. Register here. (https://forms.office.com/r/BqV3bwKB82)