Spring 2023: Narrative Studies Seminar

Narrative Studies Seminar
Spring 2023

Join us this spring as Research Centre Narrare’s interdisciplinary Narrative Studies Seminar continues.

The Narrative Studies Seminar brings together researchers from different fields studying narratives at Tampere University. The aim of the seminar is to allow for a multi- and interdisciplinary discussion on data, methods, theories, and the state of narrative research. Individual sessions consist of an introductory presentation (up to 30 min) and general discussion.

The seminar is a hybrid event: participants can join on site, or online via Zoom (Link). (Meeting ID: 668 4700 7494 Passcode: 045076)



Time: selected Tuesdays at 4:00–5:00 pm.

Location: Tampere University in room Pinni B3111. (Note: Room changed from 7.3. onwards)

24.1. Mari Haravara ”Computational recognition of narratives”

14.2. Marko Teräs ”Official Document Utopias”

7.3. Markus Laukkanen “The Implied Fandom and Game of Thrones”

28.3. Elise Kraatila “Speculative Pasts and Futures in Non-Fictional Narratives” (Note: date changed from 21st to 28th)

18.4. Riikka Pirinen “Literary Epiphany from Modernism to Contemporary Short Story: Experience, Consciousness Presentation, and the Modernistic Tendecy”

25.4. Maria Mäkelä “The Campfires of Storytelling Consultancy”

16.5. Anna Ovaska “Toward Engaged Narratology?”