Versatile roll-to-roll pilot line:

  • (co)Extrusion coating and lamination
  • Cast film (co)extrusion
  • 4 extruders and 5-layer technology with encapsulation possibility to produce multilayer structures
  • Dispersion coating (blade/rod)
  • Coatings, treatments and functionalisation of surfaces, e.g. corona, flame, plasma, IR, UV, LFS
  • Max. line speed ~400 m/min, max. web width 500 mm

Laboratory including e.g.

  • Permeability (barrier): WVTR, O2TR, CO2TR, HVTR, grease
  • Sealing: hot bar, hot air, ultrasonic
  • Strength and adhesion properties
  • Microscopic and surface analysis

Materials Science research equipment 2019 PCPT