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Testing as a Service

PIRG has a goal to to offer local, national and international companies an access to innovative co-creation processes with  Testing as a Service (TaaS) -approach, which refers to providing an environment and support for enabling testing of business-related activities.

This way, we can ensure usability, accessibility, effectiveness and safety of public services in the Tampere area, and further expand it to other cities. Additional support will be provided via methods, processes and guidelines for efficient testing outcomes.


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Our Demos

Matkakumppani in Suuntaamo

Matkakumppani was available for public testing through Suuntaamo.

Companions HWYD Video

For a video demonstrating interaction with How-Was-Your-Day Companion developed in Companions project:



JNabServer is an open-source server software which handles communication with Nabaztag/tags, Wi-Fi enabled robotic rabbits that can be used as physical user-agents in human-computer interaction (Nabaztag in Wikipedia ). Nabaztag/tag device can handle various forms of interaction, from voice to touch (button press), and from RFID ‘sniffing’ to ear movements. It can response by moving its ears, by displaying or changing the color of its four LED lights. It can also play sounds which can be music, synthesized speech or other voices.

JNabServer is written in j2se 6.0 (Java Standard edition) and published as open source to enable people to freely develop their applications and ideas. Nabaztag was developed by Violet The Smart Object Company, who provided services for Nabaztags on their servers. JNabServer is designed for you to be able to replace this service with your own. jNabServer itself does not include actual functionality, it only enables communication and gives you the possibility to do what ever you want to do with Nabaztag/tags.

The latest version of jNabServer is Version 2, published in December 2008. It is based on the original version developed in SPI group and further improved by Sylvain Gizard ( Engineering student, Telecommunications department, INSA Lyon, France) and Sébastien Jean (Associate Professor, LCIS lab., IUT Valence, France).

jNabServer has been published via Google Code and you can download it from its Google Code project page and you are welcome to contribute to the project as well.


Jaspis architecture and framework for speech-based application.

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