Horror story: Lost in the labyrinth of folders

Can you get lost in your own research data? Yes, you can, and it’s like wandering around a labyrinth. I developed what I thought was a logical folder structure, there were subfolders of subfolders and their subfolders, and folders had fancy abbreviation names. The files were admittedly named in the heat of the moment. For interview files, I came up with names like jerks, gherks and perks. I also controlled the versions well.  What do you think of this: final.docx, veryfinal .docx, and veryveryfinal.docx. Then I had to get a break from my research and I was in New Zealand picking kiwi fruits for a year. It was somewhat distressing to get back there and return to my data. Well, folder by folder and file by file it started to work out. You know, with time. A while back, this one data service person from the library cried in some training that they can’t always find their own files either. Apparently, the shoemaker’s children go barefoot and that’s a small consolation. 

Data Horror Week 25.-29.10.2021. Stories published during the week are fictional.