Past trainings 2022

How to share, reuse and archive the research data?

What is data sharing? What data should actually be shared and why? Which services can I use to share my data?
Training programme: The benefits of data sharing and requirements of transparency in research; Licenses and terms of use of data; Services suitable for sharing, archiving and finding data, such as FSD, Zenodo, Re3Data.
  • Speakers: information specialists Jari Friman and Saila Huuskonen from Tampere University library and  information specialist Emilia Hakkola from Finnish Social Science Data Archive
  • Session slides: (Jari & Saila) and Emilia
  • Time: 15.2.2022 at 9.00-10.30
  • place: in Zoom
  • language: English

Data management and data protection in a nutshell

Where do I store my data during the research? How about, if I want to share my data to be used by other researchers? What should I take into account when describing and documenting my data? How do I take care of data protection and data security issues? Research Data Services provide online training sessions, where you will learn the basics of research data management and data protection.

  • Time: 15.3.2022 at 9.00-10.30 in Finnish and 16.3.2022 at 9.00-10.30 in English
  • place: In Zoom
  • Speakers: Jari Friman and Saila Huuskonen, data management specialists from Tampere University library
  • Session slides (English)
  • Session slides (Finnish)

How do I write a data management plan?

Managing your data during and after your research project is essential. What should you consider when managing your research data and what should you write in your data management plan.  In this workshop you will learn how to write a Data Management Plan (DMP) according to the requirements of Academy of Finland and Tampere University data management planning guidance.

Target audience: Researchers who have applied for Academy of Finland’s funding, doctoral researchers and everyone interested in data management planning.

Data management and ethics

Managing research data in a responsible way and protecting the research participants is part of a good scientific practice. Recognising the main ethical principles in collecting, processing and sharing research data are essential in responsible research. The training session highlights the key ethical issues in research data management following the research data life-cycle. In addition, the session addresses the guidelines of data protection.

  • Time: 10.5.2022 at 9.00-10.30
  • Place: online in Zoom
  • Language: English
  • Session slides