Past trainings

If you were not able to participate in training you want, here you can find the recording or slides.

Open science in Academy of Finland’s funding

Do you need tips for creating your publication plan or describing the key data management issues in your Academy of Finland’s funding application?   4.9.2020, 10.00-11.00 am.

Session slides


Basics of research data management and data protection

Where do I store my data during the research? How about, if I want to open my data to be used by other researchers? What should I take into account when describing and documenting my data? How do I take care of data protection and data security issues? In these workshop sessions, you will learn the basics of research data management and data protection

Because of diversity and variety of needs of workshop participants, we try to keep sessions interactive. So, active participation (sharing your experiences and ideas, asking questions etc.) is recommended.

Monday April 6th at 13.15-14.15, online (In English)

Wednesday 1.4. klo 9.15-10.15 Online (In English)