A new article by Olli Pyyhtinen and Juha Suoranta on teaching as an Event out now in the journal Postdigital Science and Education

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

Olli Pyyhtinen and Juha Suoranta have published an article, titled ‘Lecture as an Event in Postdigital Education: a Dyadic Teaching Diary‘, in the journal Postdigital Science and Education.

The article is an experimental text, where the authors give teaching-led research a duo-ethnographic twist: while it is based on a course they taught together last Autumn on the sociological imagination, they did not merely use the course to develop our research in another more or less unrelated context, but the article is precisely about what happened during teaching. In the text, the authors turn their analytical gaze upon themselves as teachers and, in a synechdochist manner, connect their personal experiences to wider cultural, social, and political constellations, such as the neoliberal university. Ultimately, the article can be read as an argument for the power of imagination and as a plea for a more caring and co-operative university.