A Special Issue on the work of François Dépélteau (Guest Editor: Prof. Peeter Selg) published in Digithum No 26 (2020)

A special issue on the work of François Dépélteau has been published in the journal Digithum (No 26 2020). Professor Dépélteau, who sadly passed away in 2018, was a key figure and powerful force in bringing disparate scholars together under the flag of relational sociology. As Frederic Vandenberghe writes, without Dépélteau the relational research community ‘would not have been so relational, and the international network he weaved together would only have been an academic network and not a friendly society’.

The special issue is guest edited by Prof. Peeter Selg, and includes articles by several members of RS HUB (Selg, Eacott, Guy, Pyyhtinen) and other relational scholars.