Sente in Florence - Regional Innovation Policy Conference

Regional Innovation Policies Conference 2019 - Technological change, social innovation, and regional transformation, 7-8 November, Florence, Italy

  • Charles, D., Salomaa, M., Kolehmainen, J. Meeting the needs of local students or regional businesses? The role of satellite university campuses in rural regions
  • Kurikka, H., Kolehmainen, J., Sotarauta, M., Sopanen, S. Exploring the key dimensions of regional opportunity spaces
  • Rekers, J., Grillitsch, M., Sotarauta, M. Investigating Agency: Methodological and Empirical Challenges
  • Sotarauta, M., Kurikka, H. Kolehmainen, J. Trinity of Change Agency and Path Development in Peripheral Regions
  • Sotarauta, M. Place Leadership and Combinatorial Power
  • Suvinen, N. Mechanisms shifting stagnated regional economy to the path of green growth in a peripheral locality