Regional studies meets organizational studies - a new book published

• Introduction
• The nature of place-based leadership for urban and regional innovation
• Regional innovation systems and strategies
• Placed-based leadership
• Place leaders, knowledge producers and decision-makers
• Generative leadership – a missing link in transformative efforts
• Criticism and exemplary research for place-based leadership
• Conclusion

After completing this chapter, you should be able to:
• explain what regional innovation systems are and why they are important in the economic development of regions;
• explain how leaders within regional innovation systems influence others in places where they have no formal authorization;
• define place-based leadership and explain how it differs from organization-based leadership;
• explain the generative nature of place-based leadership, and why in regional innovation systems, leadership relationships are indirect and often contested.

Sotarauta, M. (2020) Leading Post-industrial Urban and Regional Renewal. In Bratton, J. (ed). Organizational Leadership. Sage Publications.