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Electronics studies


Wireless Communications and RF Systems

Core courses

ELT-41206 Basic Course on Wireless Communications, 5 cr
ELT-41308 Communication Theory, 5 cr
ELT-41727 Practical RF Electronics: First Principles Applied, 5 cr
ELT-43506 Communication Systems Laboratory Course, 5 cr

Example further courses in Wireless Systems focus area

ELT-43008 Digital Communication, 5 cr
ELT-43106 Multicarrier and Multiantenna Techniques, 5 cr
ELT-45306 Advanced Course on Wireless Communications, 5 cr
ELT-43407 5G Mobile Communications, 5 cr
ELT-43457 Internet-of-Things Wireless Communications, 5 cr
ELT-44008 Radio Architectures and Signal Processing, 5 cr
ELT-44607 Software-Defined Radio Platforms, 5 cr

Example further courses in RF Circuits and RFIC Design focus area

ELT-47206 Basics of RF Engineering, 5 cr
ELT-47227 Basic RF Measurements, 5 cr
ELT-47426 Transmission Lines and Waveguides, 5 cr
ELT-48116 CMOS Integrated Circuits I, 5 cr
ELT-48126 CMOS Integrated Circuits II, 5 cr
RF Circuit Design, 5 cr
ELT-47436 Antennas I, 5 cr
ELT-47447 Antennas II, 5 cr