Large-scale efficient water harvesting using bioinspired micro-patterned copper oxide surfaces and guided droplet transport

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Chemical dissolution of Pt(111) during potential cycling

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Extremely thin-walled 3D inorganic nanostructured networks for energy applications

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Influence of ex-situ annealing on the properties of MgF2 thin films deposited by electron beam evaporation

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Highly efficient charge separation in Z-scheme TiO2/TiSi2/Si photoanode by micropatterned titanium silicide interlayer

M. Hannula, H. Ali-Löytty, K. Lahtonen, J. Saari, A. Tukiainen, and M. Valden



FinEstBeaMS - a wide-range Finnish-Estonian beamline for materials science at the 1.5 GeV storage ring at the MAX IV Laboratory

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Improved antifouling properties and selective biofunctionalization of stainless steel by employing heterobifunctional silane-polyethylene glycol overlayers and avidin-biotin technology

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Optimization of the electrical properties of Ti–Nb stabilized ferritic stainless steel SOFC interconnect alloy upon high-temperature oxidation: The role of excess Nb on the interfacial oxidation at the oxide–metal interface

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Pintatieteen tutkimusta aika- ja kokoskaalat yhdistäen

M. Valden
Arkhimedes 6, 14-18 (2006)