Marleena Huuhka as a University Instructor & Riku Roihankorpi on loan to the University of the Arts Helsinki

Marleena Huuhka

Marleena Huuhka will start as a temporary University Instructor in the Sustainable Digital Life (SDL) master’s program. Riku Roihankorpi is currently an artistic university lecturer in research (50%) at the University of the Arts Helsinki. In addition, Riku Roihankorvi has a LiDia project (Live + Digital Audiences: The future of culture’s powerhouses project LiDiA) funded by the Kone Foundation.

In T7, Marleena Huuhka is doing her dissertation Exploring Counterplay in Video Games through Artaudian Performance Theory.

“My doctoral thesis examines Minecraft and other such building games as material, mimetic, virtual, Nomadic and anarchistic performance rhizomes and locations of becoming-something created in collaboration by human and non-human agencies. While playing I create digital and material performances, and new counterplay practices based on the Theater theories of director Antonin Artaud. The aim is to produce new practices of inclusion, being and resistance, which combine the Pleasure of game play with anti-capitalist, Empowering movements. ”