T7's lecture series "Notes about performance, practice, action, and reality" begins

The lectures are on Thursdays 9.3.-4.5.2023 from 14-16. The first lecture “The object of care turns into performing object – unfinished suggestions” by Riku Laakkonen takes place in auditorium A3 in the City Centre Campus Main building.

The lectures will be held in English and are open to anyone regardless of their field of study or research. You are welcome to drop in to listen even without enrolling in the course.

The T7 lecture series presents contemporary research from the fields of performing arts and cultural performances. Lecturers are T7’s researchers, who work through artistic research, practice as research, and theoretical research. The lectures present various topics including bicycling as an ecosocial phenomenon; the performativity of the Anthropocene; embodiment of human-nonhuman relationship; video games as performance, and hybrid and extended reality performance.

Riku Laakkonen: “The object of care turns into performing object – unfinished suggestions”

Susi Nousiainen: ”Researching DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in organisations using applied drama” &
Samuli Nordberg: ”Bodily aspects of (collective) artistic process”

Pauliina Hulkko:  ”Hands On: How could we become primates?”

Katriina Andrianov: ”Language of manipulation: artistic research meets social psychology”

Teemu Paavolainen:“Performing the Anthropo(s)cene”

Riku Roihankorpi: “Performing in and with the Ambiverse: what, how, and why?”
Marleena Huuhka
Performing Pixels: On Non-Human Performativity, Glitches, and Immersion”

Davide Giovanzana: “Mediatized acting and politics of perception” (D11)

Nina Vurdelja: ”(Re)enacting naturecultures: moving and thinking with more-than-human” (Outside, meeting in the lobby)