Differential Pathways for Linear, Ponderal and Head Growth in Fetal Life: Implications for Healthy Child Growth Programs in Low-income Settings.
Per Ashorn’s lecture on 05.04.2016 at the EB2016 meeting, San Diego, CA, USA.

Prevention of intrauterine growth restriction and preterm birth with presumptive antibiotic treatment of pregnant women.
Per Ashorn’s lecture on 31.03.2014 at the 81st Nestle Nutrition Workshop, Magaliesburg, South Africa

Is the risk of SGA decreased with antibiotics intake during pregnancy?
Per Ashorn’s interview on 5.4.2016 by Nestle Nutrition Institute’s President, Prof. Ferdinand Haschke 05.04.2016

Lasten terveys — terveisiä maailmalta.
Per Ashorn’s lecture on 15.05.2013 at a press meeting at the University of Tampere, Finland

Lungwenan nuoret toivot – The Young Hopes Of Lungwena.
A University of Tampere documentary about children’s school day in rural Malawi, Africa. 2008.


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