Contact us

Contact person

Professor Per Ashorn, Center Director
Email: per.ashorn(at)
Tel: +358 40 7280 354

Mailing address

Tampere University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
Center for Child Health Research / Center Director Per Ashorn
Arvo Ylpönkatu 34 (ARVO B235)

Visiting addresses

The Center is located in the joint campus of the University of Tampere and Tampere University Hospital (Kauppi campus). At the moment the research groups work in four different buildings:

Arvo-building, Arvo Ylpön katu 34 (Child psyhiatry, Global health group)

FinnMedi 3, Biokatu 10 (Coeliac disease, Hematology and oncology, Other pediatrics)

Tampere University Hospital, Department of Paediatrics, Teiskontie 35, Building section C (Neonatology and perinatology)