Infant and development psychiatry

Emotion Regulation and Mental Development (EMORE)

Main objectives of the research are:

I To examine how mother’s well functioning emotion regulation (contentment, positive emotional states) and poorly functioning emotion regulation (depressive emotional states) influence child’s mental development.

  • To examine whether shared pleasure in mother-child interaction contributes to child’s well being and development.
  • To examine how mother’s well and poorly functioning emotion regulation affects a) mutual emotion regulation in mother-child interaction, and b) child’s own emotion regulation.
  • To examine what kind of behavior in early mother-child interaction is indicative of adaptive and maladaptive emotional regulation patterns and later mental development of the child.

II To examine the importance of timing of emotional sharing in mother-child interaction and timing of contentment and depressive states during the different stages of child’s development.

Group leader

Tuula Tamminen MLL:n liittohallituksen puheenjohtaja.Kuva: Leena Louhivaara

Professor Tuula Tamminen, email: tuula.tamminen(at)

EMORE research group

Docent Kaija Puura, MD, PhD
Ilona Luoma, MD, PhD
Mirjami Mäntymaa, MD, PhD
Reija Latva, MD, PhD
Raili Salmelin, MSc, PhD
Tarja Sorvali, MD, PhD student
Marie-Kaarin Korhonen, MD, PhD student

Contact details

Visiting address: Arvo-building

Leena Kiuru, MSc (Admin.), Research coordinator
Email: leena.kiuru(at), phone: +358 40 190 9830


Emotion Regulation and Mental Development (EMORE)

Other research themes

  • In low (Dos Puura)
  • Tunteiden tunnistaminen (Dos Puura)
  • Late: STM ->THL, neuvola- ja kouluterveydenhuollon toiminnan tutkimus (Pälvi Kaukonen)
  • LAPS-tutkimushanke: perusterveydenhuollon ja esh-rajapinta (Pälvi Kaukonen)
  • MacArthur Story Stem Battery (MSSB): Revealing the inner worlds of young children

Ongoing doctoral studies

Marie-Kaarin Korhonen, Marie-Kaarin: A longitudinal study of maternal depressive symptoms and child sosioemotional development from pregnancy to adolescence.

Borg, Anne-Mari: Reliability and utility of the strengths and difficulties questionnaire among Finnish 5-8 year old children in primary health care.

Sorvali, Tarja: Mothers and daughters – associations of mother’s depression and parenting stress with her daughter’s psychosocial well-being and emotional development when starting school.

Kaartinen, Miia: Tunnereaktiot AS-lapsilla.

Hastrup, Arja: Lasten psykososiaalisen terveyden ja kehityksen arviointi neuvolan terveystarkastuksissa – terveydenhoitajien huoli ja toimenpiteet.

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