Networks and Partners

Through its research activities, TAPRI is involved in many domain-specific organisations and networks.

TAPRI plays an important role in the key international and European peace organizations IPRA and EuPRA. TAPRI is also a member OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions. In the framework of Mediterranean dialogue the partners are, for example, the Anna Lind Foundation and EuroMed Rights. TAPRI is also connected with the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) through the Standing Group on Politics and the Arts. The international Feminist Peace Research Network is coordinated by TAPRI researchers.

TAPRI is connected with several crisis management,  peacebuilding and mediation organisations and actors. TAPRI cooperates closely with the Finnish Crisis Management Centre; CMI and the Finn Church Aid. It also has established partnerships with the Wider Security Network (WISE) and the Finnish 1325 Network.

TAPRI has ongoing ERASMUS exchange agreements with Ilia State University in Tbilisi, Georgia, with Moldova State University in Chisinau, Moldova, and with Sciences Po Lille in France.



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