Mediating the Arctic - Rovaniemi, 16.03.2018

Mediating the Arctic

PDF version of the program is here

Perspectives on northern people in a workshop organized by University of Tampere and Arctic Centre, University of Lapland


Friday 16th March, Arctic Centre, meeting room Thule (Arktikum House, Rovaniemi)



Arja Rosenholm
Professor of Russian Language and Culture
University of Tampere, Finland
GSM work: +358 (0)50 3181245

Markku Heikkilä
Head of Science Communications
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland


08.30 – 09.00 Morning coffee
09.00 – 09.30 Introductions and welcome

  • Markku Heikkilä, Arctic Centre
  • Arja Rosenholm, University of Tampere
  • Ari Heinonen, University of Tampere

Participants’ presentation round
09.30 – 12.00 Session 1: Research presentations and discussions
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch, Arktikum restaurant
13.00 – 15.30 Session 2: Research presentations and discussions
(Refreshment / Coffee breaks about 10.30 and 14.30)


Chair: Arja Rosenholm

  • Markku Lehtimäki (University of Eastern Finland): Humanist Perspectives on the Arctic: Introducing the Research Project “The Changing Environment of the North.
  • Florian Stammler (Arctic Centre) new research project focusing on youth wellbeing in Arctic industrial cities ( Live, Work or Leave? Youth – wellbeing and the viability of (post) extractive Arctic industrial cities in Finland and Russia)
  • Arja Rosenholm (University of Tampere): What is meant by the “Northern Text” in the Russian Context?
  • Johannes Riquet (University of Tampere): Remediating the Arctic: The Case of James Balog
  • Michael Riessler: Recording, Annotating, and Analysing Oral Histories of the Arctic – Methods in Documentary Anthropology and Linguistics.
  • Lukas Allemann, Stephan Dudeck (Arctic Centre) Sharing Oral History Recordings with Arctic Indigenous Communities
  • Anna Stammler-Gossmann (Arctic Centre): Changing environment and meanings of water (Studies from Russia and Norway)

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch (Arktikum House restaurant)
13.00 – 15.30


Chair: Markku Heikkilä

  • Monica Tennberg, (Arctic Centre, Sustainable Development research group): Political economy of flood protection management in Northern Finland
  • Susanna Pirnes (Arctic Centre) Past and memory in Russian Arctic Politics
  • Dmitry Yagodin (University of Tampere): Climate journalism in the Arctic nations: media coverage of the COP summits from Copenhagen (2009) to Paris (2015)
  • Ari Heinonen (University of Tampere, TaRC: Tampere journalism programme and TaRC
  • Mika Perkiömäki (University of Tampere, TaRC): coordinator of the event Arctic and the Media, 26.-30.11. 2018, University of Tampere (TaRC)
  • Markku Heikkilä (Arctic Centre): Experiences from Barents Mediasphere project
  • Maija Myllylä (Arctic Centre): Barents Press international, history and current status

Discussion on further steps