FEMCORUS Seminar on November 10: Russian Intersectional Feminist Communities in Vkontakte

Russian singer standing with her back to camera
Screenshot: FEMCORUS.org.

The FEMCORUS project's seminar series continues on Thursday 10 November with Dinara Yangeldina's presentation on Russian intersectional feminist communities in Vkontakte.

The November edition of the FEMCORUS seminar series sees Dinara Yangeldina present her study entitled “Race” and “anti-racism” in translation: Russian intersectional feminist communities in Vkontakte.

Dinara is currently working on her PhD at SKOK (Bergen University, Norway) and she is also a member of UiB’s research group Fundamental Questions in Gender Research.

The presentation is based on Dinara’s PhD project, in which she explores how Anglophone racial categories and the idiom of ‘race as resistance’ travel through intersectional feminist activism and pop culture (hip-hop).

In her PhD project, she proposes a framework of racial translation to interrogate this process and looks at two distinct racial translation projects:

  1. A grassroots Russophone intersectional feminist community engaged in English to Russian translation and adaptation of US-American intersectional feminist discourses and racial categories, and
  2. The main antagonist of Russian hip-hop authenticity, Tatar-Jewish rapper Timati, who brought US Black aesthetics into post-Soviet Russia.

The event will take place on Thursday 10 November 2022, 2–4 pm (EET DST, GMT +2), in a hybrid format at Tampere University (building Pinni B), and via Zoom.

Please register in advance. To participate, fill in the form and a link to Zoom as well as location information will be sent to you.

More details on our website www.femcorus.org or if you have any questions regarding the event, please contact alisa.virtanen@tuni.fi.