TAUCHI carries out multidisciplinary research in human-technology interaction. It was founded in 1997. HCI-related teaching and research at UTA had been going on for three decades. The major steps of success have been:

– 1995 The first HCI project funded by the Academy of Finland
– 1998 The first EU project co-ordinated by TAUCHI
– 1998 The number of staff exceeded 20
– 2000-2002 The first European research project iEye coordinated
– 2001 The activities were divided into 4 research groups
– 2002 The number of staff exceeded 50
– …

The growth of the research center has been enabled by vigorous activity in obtaining funding for and carrying out research projects. The backbone is the steady stream of national funding for both basic research projects and for applied co-operation projects with the industry, accounting for about 25 and 35 percents of the yearly budget of more than 3 M€. Success on the national level has led to numerous projects in the framework programs of the EU, where TAUCHI has coordinated a Network of Excellence, several STREPs, and participated in many more projects. The next step has been world-level co-operation in projects, which include long-term funded collaboration with Stanford University in the field of haptics, and several partners from the USA and Japan in the COGAIN Network of Excellence and other projects.