OpenBreast for Mammography-based Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

OpenBreast workflow

Researchers from TAU Computing Sciences (Tampere University, Finland), Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, USA) recently published OpenBreast tool for breast cancer risk assessment. The goal of the researchers is to take the benchmark driven research from artificial intelligence community to the field of medical image analysis. Their main objective is to promote publicly available software and benchmark datasets for the benefit of society.

Computer Vision researchers from TAU Computing Sciences published the first publicly available tool for mammography image analysis for breast cancer risk assessment. The tool facilitates fair comparison and method evaluation between all research groups. The group continues its work in collaboration with the Department of Radiology in Tampere University Hospital (TAYS) to collect an evaluation dataset that would boost the research in medical image analysis.

OpenBreast Code:

The results will be published in the BHI 2019 conference in Chicago, USA ( in the paper “Open Framework for Mammography-based Breast Cancer Risk Assessment” by Said Pertuz et al.

Said Pertuz

German Felipe Torres

Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen