Two papers accepted to International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2021

Two vision group papers were accepted to the premier computer vision conference, Int. Conf. on Computer Vision (ICCV), held virtually in October 11-17 2021.

The following papers are accepted and will be presented in the ICCV 2021 conference:

  • Lam Huynh, Phong Nguyen, Jiri Matas, Esa Rahtu and Janne Heikkila: Boosting Monocular Depth Estimation with Lightweight 3D Point Fusion
  • Song Yan, Jinyu Yang, Jani Käpylä, Feng Zheng, Ales Leonardis, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen: DepthTrack: Unveiling the Power of RGBD Tracking

PDFs of the papers and links to the codes and data will be provided. Vision Group congratulates the authors of these two papers!

Song Yan

Joni Kämäräinen

Jani Käpylä

  • Graduate Student